C.C. Banana Returns in BACKSTAGE BANANA!

"I saw your video, it was fuckin' hilarious!"
Bret Michaels, Poison
"I laughed so hard I almost farted!"
Craig Gass, The Howard Stern Show
"I thought the tape was great."
Eddie Trunk, VH1 Classics
"A piece of irreverent giddiness."
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Backstage Banana
At long last! The self-appointed badwill ambassador to the hard rock community returns in a brand new adventure!

C.C. Banana, infamous for mocking members of Poison and pissing off former lead singers of Skid Row, has documented a typical day in the life of a six-foot rock & roll fruit. In Backstage Banana, C.C. wanders around behind the scenes of the 2002 Hollyweird Tour, annoying everyone he encounters and entertaining viewers in the process.

Backstage Banana features interviews and sketches with Jeff LaBar of Cinderella, Kip Winger and bandmates Rod Morgenstein, Paul Taylor and John Roth. Steve Brown from 40ft. Ringo also weasels his way in, but C.C. Banana puts him in his place. Also featured are members of Poison's entourage, a bunch of hot chicks, and other people not smart enough to leave once they saw a banana with a video camera.

• Watch C.C. Banana yell at rock stars!
• Laugh as he makes fun of their names and insults their clothing -- to their faces!
• See him demand proof from Jeff LaBar that his hair is real!
• Watch Kip Winger literally sink his teeth into C.C. Banana!
• Observe an authentic recreation of C.C. Banana's showdown with Sebastian Bach!
• Be there as C.C. Banana interviews, hits on, and gets blown off by hot chicks!

Backstage Banana is a professionally produced video, shot and edited on high-end digital equipment. It features titles and graphics and all that fancy stuff. It looks just like a show you'd see on MTV, except there's no rapping and it doesn't suck.
The Secret Origin of C.C. Banana
As a bonus, also included is the original C.C. Banana footage from 2001!

Inspired by Poison guitarist C.C. DeVille's insistence that fans pay him for autographs and handshakes, this is the ridiculous adventure that started it all! The Secret Origin of C.C. Banana chronicles the unlikely series of events that occur when two grown men and a banana suit are set loose in a venue full of unsuspecting Poison fans. Making up everything as they go along, the pair captures some truly unusual stuff.

• Watch C.C. Banana march around like C.C. DeVille, bothering the crap out of people and begging them to buy his Samantha 7 CD!
• See him demand that fans pay him for his handshake, yet instead have them pay him to just go away!
• Watch C.C. Banana ambush some hapless fan he mistakes for Blues Saraceno!
• Hear Rikki Rockett erupt into laughter as C.C. Banana lampoons his bandmate!
• Witness the fateful meeting of C.C. Banana and C.C. DeVille!
• Gasp in amazement at C.C. DeVille's bizarre backstage antics, and see him actually charge C.C. Banana for an autograph!

The Secret Origin of C.C. Banana offers a fascinating look at a severely twisted individual… although it will be up to viewers to determine which C.C. this is.

Backstage Banana and The Secret Origin of C.C. Banana are both included in this video -- two complete half-hour adventures in one!

The long awaited return of C.C. Banana is finally upon us! Whatever you do, don't blink or you'll miss it!
Banana Clips
Below is a selection of downloadable sample clips from the Backstage Banana video. All are compressed in MPEG-4 and are viewable with QuickTime 6.
C.C. Banana meets
C.C. DeVille of Poison
C.C. Banana meets
Rikki Rockett of Poison
C.C. Banana interviews
Steve Brown of 40ft. Ringo
C.C. Banana interviews
Kip Winger of Winger
C.C. Banana interviews
Rod Morgenstein of Winger
C.C. Banana interviews
Paul Taylor & John Roth
of Winger
C.C. Banana interviews
Jeff LaBar of Cinderella
"I loved it. Chad and Danny also enjoy watching C.C. Banana's video on the bus."
Brent Muscat, Faster Pussycat
"I checked out that tape, very classic!"
PJ Farley, 40ft. Ringo
"You MUST check out his C.C. Banana video. It's hilarious."
"The video is GREAT! What a kick ass experience!"
"It shows him interacting with members of Winger and Cinderella to hilarious results. The price of admission is worth it when he interacts with Jeff LaBar. Overall this is very funny."
"Now this is some funny shit. A must-have. I don't see how he doesn't get thrown out of the backstage area for some of his comments. I'm looking forward to the next one as we speak."  Rating: **** (FOUR STARS)
"Through a combination of guerrilla-style tactics and near-constant mockery of his subjects, C.C. Banana turns every interview into a captivating and hilarious battle of wits (or lack thereof)."
Guitar World
"Backstage Banana is the most amazing piece of cinematic entertainment the world has ever seen."
C.C. Banana, CCBanana.com
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